Top legislature schedules standing committee session

Xinhua Updated: 2021-09-28

BEIJING - The Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) will convene its 31st session from Oct 19 to 23 in Beijing.

The decision was made on Tuesday at a meeting of the Council of Chairpersons of the NPC Standing Committee, which was presided over by Li Zhanshu, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee.

According to the proposed agenda, lawmakers will review at the session draft laws on family education promotion, land border, wetlands protection, futures, and anti-telecom fraud.

They will deliberate draft amendments to the Audit Law, the Organic Law of the Local People's Congresses and Local People's Governments, the Anti-monopoly Law, and the Civil Procedure Law.

Lawmakers will also consider draft revisions to the Animal Husbandry Law, the Law on Physical Culture and Sports, the Law on Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products, among others.

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