China highlights whole-process people's democracy in proposed law revision

Xinhua Updated: 2021-10-19

China highlights whole-process people's democracy in proposed law revision.jpg

Photo taken on May 28, 2020 shows a view of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China. (Xinhua/Xing Guangli)

BEIJING -- Lawmakers are considering incorporating whole-process people's democracy into the Organic Law of the Local People's Congresses and Local People's Governments.

The draft amendment to the law was submitted to the ongoing session of the National People's Congress Standing Committee for review on Tuesday.

Local people's congresses at all levels, standing committees of local people's congresses at the county level and above, and local governments at all levels should be committed to a people-centered approach, and uphold whole-process people's democracy, the draft stated.

They are required to maintain close contact with the people, listen to their opinions, serve the people, be responsible to the people and be subject to their oversight, the draft noted.

Adopted in 1979, the law went through five amendments.

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