Special Committees

Updated: 2021-10-26

The NPC has 10 special committees. They are the Ethnic Affairs Committee, the Constitution and Law Committee, the Supervisory and Judicial Affairs Committee, the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee, the Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee, the Environmental Protection and Resources Conservation Committee, the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee and the Social Development Affairs Committee. The NPC directs their work. When the NPC is not in session, the special committees are under the leadership of the NPC Standing Committee. Each special committee is comprised of a chairperson, several vice-chairpersons and other members. They are nominated by the Presidium of the NPC session from NPC deputies and are approved by the NPC. When the NPC is not in session, its Standing Committee may additionally appoint a number of vice-chairpersons and other members of special committees nominated by the Council of Chairpersons. The role of the special committees: Under the leadership of the NPC and its Standing Committee, the special committees research, deliberate, draw up bills or proposals related to their fields, and assist the NPC and its Standing Committee in legislation, supervision and other areas.

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