For NPC deputy, craftsmanship matters Updated: 2022-03-10

For NPC deputy, craftsmanship matters1.jpegNPC Deputy Wang Xiaofei, a senior technician for Dezhou Hengfeng Group in Shandong province, works at a spinning machine. [Photo provided to]

During her two decades in the textile industry, Wang Xiaofei, a senior technician of Dezhou Hengfeng Group in Shandong province, has devised more than 10 upgrades to the production process.

"The craftsman's spirit is not only embodied in high-tech industries but shines in workshops," said Wang, who is a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress.

Wang, 37, shared an example in answer to a media question during the NPC's fifth session on Tuesday in Beijing.

In 2007, she spent two months looking for methods to bring down the end breakage rate for spun yarn and finally found a way.

End breakage is a critical spinning parameter that involves maximum spindle speed. It indicates the quality of yarn. Keeping end breakage to a minimum is one way to increase the quality of the spinning process — and improve profit. 

Wang's method was applied to the 43 spinning machines in the factory, and the breakage rate was cut in half, allowing the factory to produce 1 ton more yarn every day.

As part of Shandong's effort to upgrade traditional industries, the factory founded a skill studio to encourage workers and technicians to invent ways to improve production.

"I will continue carrying the spirit of a craftsman in my work and polish Chinese textile brands," she said.

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