Draft law aims to boost fraud awareness among seniors, children

chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2022-08-27

Draft law aims to boost fraud awareness among seniors, children.jpeg

Seniors apply for a free box of eggs through Taobao, an online shopping platform, in Shanghai. The activity was initiated by Taobao and local supermarkets to attract the elderly to engage in online shopping. [Photo by NIU JING/FOR CHINA DAILY]

Knowledge and tips against telecom and online fraud will be increasingly shared in communities, schools and villages to enhance awareness among the elderly and the youth, Yang Heqing, a legislator from the top legislature, told a news conference on Friday.

"Efforts to help seniors and children avoid fraud were added to the latest version of a draft law on anti-telecom and online fraud," said Yang, spokesman for the National People's Congress Standing Committee's Legislative Affairs Commission.

The draft will be submitted for a third review to a session of the NPC Standing Committee, which will convene from Aug 30 to Sept 2 in Beijing.

"Upon discovery of new types of fraud in a sector, related companies and organizations should remind clients and members to be alert so that fraud can be fought from the start," Yang said.

The draft will also mete out heavier punishment to fraudsters and people who aid them, he said.

"Besides penalties and fines, they will also have to pay compensation to victims," he added.

The draft has been reviewed by the top legislature for discussion twice, in October last year and in June. In China, a draft generally becomes law after it is read three times.

During the upcoming session, the NPC Standing Committee will also review draft revisions to the law on the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products and the Wild Animal Protection Law, along with bills on draft revisions to the Counter-Espionage Law and a draft law on the ecological conservation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Other documents to be submitted at the session include reports on the implementation of the national socioeconomic development plan and on the implementation of this year's budget.

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