Xi attends sixth meeting of heads of state of China, Russia, Mongolia

Xinhua Updated: 2022-09-16


SAMARKAND, Uzbekistan -- President Xi Jinping held the sixth meeting of heads of state of China, Russia and Mongolia with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, and Mongolian counterpart, Ukhnaa Khurelsukh, on Thursday afternoon at the Forumlar Majmuasi Complex in Samarkand.

Xi underscored the strong impetus and resilience of the cooperation among China, Russia and Mongolia.

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trilateral cooperation has never stopped, and the achievements made should be recognized, he said, adding that the three countries fought the pandemic together, sending medical supplies to each other at the earliest time possible, sharing anti-epidemic experience without reservation, and jointly protecting the life and health of their people.

The three countries, Xi said, had online discussions to keep the momentum of exchanges, and the hearts of their people were brought even closer.

Cooperation on joint COVID-19 prevention and control in the border areas was carried out to keep economic and trade interactions steady and smooth, he said, adding that notable progress was made in the development of international road transportation along the Asian Highway Network connecting the three countries.

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