NPC deputies propose legislation on promoting digital economy

Updated: 2024-04-12

A number of deputies to the National People's Congress (NPC) put forward motions for legislation on promoting the development of the digital economy during this year's NPC session in March.

The digital economy is currently driving profound changes in production, lifestyle and governance, serving as a crucial pillar for building a modern economic system and fostering a new development paradigm in China.

In recent years, a series of policies have been introduced to encourage and guide the development of the digital economy.

Against such a backdrop, lawmakers have called for leveraging the guiding and propelling functions of legislation to advance the modernization of the country's digital economic governance system and capability.

It is noted in the motions that the proposed law should highlight its role as a fundamental law promoting and protecting the digital economy.

Risks and issues, including excessive collection, leak and abuse of data and related violations of laws, infringement of technological ethics, online fraud, cyber pornography, illegal virtual currency, infringement of personal information and privacy, as well as acts of wreaking havoc on national security and even posing threats to human security, should be addressed through legislation, according to the motions.

The motions also emphasize the necessity to consider foreign-related legislation on international cooperation and exchanges in the field of the digital economy.

It is suggested that the legislation should focus on several key areas, including making clear the functions and development direction of the digital economy, accelerating the construction of digital infrastructure systems, enhancing the effective utilization of data resources, advocating the promotion of industrial digitization and digital industrialization, strengthening digital governance, and safeguarding the security of the digital economy.

The motions also suggest that the legislation should include stipulations on facilitating opening-up and cooperation in the digital economy and supporting pilot programs for the digital economy in key regions.

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