China to strengthen administrative law enforcement oversight

Xinhua Updated: 2024-05-15

BEIJING -- China will strengthen oversight over administrative law enforcement through systematic measures such as promoting related legislation and improving code of conduct.

A set of guidelines about enhancing the coordination and oversight of administrative law enforcement in the new era have been issued by the general offices of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council, which outlines measures in this regard.

The document urges strict execution of administrative law enforcement supervision, calling for carrying out oversight on a regular basis and strengthening law enforcement oversight concerning companies.

Administrative law enforcement oversight is an important component of the Party and state oversight systems, and an improved working system for such oversight is crucial for advancing law-based administration, building a law-based government and exercising law-based governance on all fronts, read an official statement on Tuesday.

By the end of this year, a four-tiered working system will basically take shape that guarantees all-round, whole-process and regular oversight on administrative law enforcement, according to the guidelines. 

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