NPC deputy advocates rule of law to safeguard people's wellbeing

Updated: 2024-05-27


Tang Weijian, a deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC), conveys policies of the Party and the guiding principles of the two sessions to a broad spectrum of the public.[Photo/]

Tang Weijian, a deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC), has been advocating for the significance of upholding the rule of law in protecting people's wellbeing.

As a professor from the School of Law at Renmin University of China, he has transitioned from a dedicated educator to a lawmaker, always staying true to the original aspiration of safeguarding people's well-being through the rule of law.

He remains committed to the principles of law-based governance, integrating his faith in the rule of law into both his professional work and his duties as an NPC deputy.

Soon after this year's NPC session closed in March, Tang immediately conveyed the policies of the Party and the guiding principles of the session to as many people as possible, including his colleagues and students.

By sharing his valuable experiences from doing grassroots research to formulating high-quality legislative proposals, Tang has presented teachers and students alike with a tangible roadmap of law-based governance in China and a vivid picture of whole-process people's democracy.

Prior to serving as an NPC deputy, Tang held three consecutive terms as a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, with his attention focused on judicial reform, procuratorial supervision, juvenile protection and public interest litigation systems.

As an NPC deputy, he continues to pool wisdom and strength to the country's law-based governance by offering his suggestions in this regard. To craft high-quality legislative proposals, he delves into procuratorates, and courts, as well as enterprises, engaging with a wide range of the public to gather opinions.

He has paid great attention to legal protection for minors in China, emphasizing the need to address emerging challenges that may harm the legitimate rights and interests of minors in new business forms, like on-demand cinemas, e-sports hotels, blind box sales, and escape room scenarios, which present varying degrees of regulatory challenges.

Tang said that judicial authorities should preemptively intervene in new business forms that may jeopardize the legitimate rights and interests of minors to ensure legal intervention and judicial protection.

The enhancement of juvenile justice protection requires extensive legal education and awareness, coupled with strengthened efforts in law-based governance, Tang said, advocating for judicial protection to complement the collaborative efforts of government, schools, society, and families to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors and provide a sound legal environment for their healthy growth.

During this year's NPC session, Tang submitted motions and proposals on improving the rule of law via people's supervisors, judicial interpretation and judicial suggestions, strengthening the sense of community for the Chinese nation, and promoting regional collaborative legislation.

Looking ahead, Tang said he will make continued commitment to strengthening the rule of law in China, fully leveraging his role as an NPC deputy to alleviate the concerns of the people.

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