NPC deputy helps villagers with e-commerce for rural vitalization

Updated: 2024-05-28

Yue Qiaoyun, a deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC), has been busy training farmers on e-commerce business skills since returning to her hometown in Pinggu district of Beijing, a place known for its abundant harvest of large peaches, since the second session of the 14th NPC in March.

As the chairwoman of the Beijing Lyunongxingyun Fruit Production and Sale Professional Cooperative Society, Yue put forward suggestions regarding the healthy and high-quality development of the e-commerce industry at this year's NPC session.

Looking back on the early days of her entrepreneurship, Yue said that leveraging the "Internet Plus" initiative promoted by the Pinggu district government, she started the e-commerce operation model of "Internet Plus Big Peaches," upgrading the traditional cooperative business and expanding the market for Pinggu's large peaches.

"In the morning, the fresh peaches are on the trees, at noon they are on the road, and by evening they are on customers' dining table," she said.

Returning from the NPC session, Yue immediately conveyed the policies of the Party and the country in the agricultural and rural sector to local villagers, including those on rural vitalization, modern agriculture, and e-commerce development.

Meanwhile, her e-commerce training programs have been thriving. Over the following months, she has cultivated a number of farmers who are savvy in both business and e-commerce. The brand of Pinggu large peaches is increasingly popular, which has resulted in villagers' pockets becoming fuller, and she has been honored as an "outstanding team leader in rural entrepreneurship and innovation".

"I am well aware of the enormous potential of e-commerce for rural vitalization and the growth of farmers' income, so I hope to nurture more locally distinctive e-commerce brands and promote the establishment of an e-commerce livestreaming base and training school," Yue said.

"In addition, I also suggest providing financial rewards to professional teams engaged in agricultural product e-commerce, including tax cuts and subsidies, to stimulate their innovative vitality. Furthermore, establishing a certification system for agricultural product livestreaming personnel to enhance their professionalism and sense of responsibility is crucial for ensuring the healthy and sustainable development of the e-commerce industry," she added.

Technology is key to industrial revitalization.

In recent years, Yue has been aware of the role of technology in promoting rural vitalization. In her next steps, she said, the innovation and application of modern agricultural technology will be a major focus for her.

"I plan to introduce more technological innovation projects, such as smart agricultural parks and demonstration bases for new and superior peach varieties, to improve the quality and yield of peaches," she said.

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