Senior legislator attends 7th China Vocational Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Updated: 2024-06-05

A senior legislator has called on the country's youth studying at various vocational schools to sharpen their skills and enhance innovation awareness to better contribute to the Chinese modernization.

Speaking at an event in Rizhao, Shandong province, Hao Mingjin, vice-chairman of the 14th Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, said as vocational education is closely related to the economic, social and industrial development, bolstering students' innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities is the essence of vocational education.

Hao, who also serves as president of China Vocational Education Association (CVEA), noted that the youth should be courageous in realizing their dreams amid the great rejuvenation of China, temper their resilience through practical training and write a new chapter in fulfilling the mission of Chinese modernization.

He delivered the speech at the closing ceremony of the national finals of the Seventh China Vocational Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, which took place in Rizhao between May 30 and 31. CVEA, which was launched in 1917, has 104 prefecture-level organizations, 313 county-level organizations and 96 township-level organizations on the Chinese mainland as of February 2023.

With a theme of "Vocational Education Cultivates Craftsmanship while Entrepreneurship Builds up Dreams", the event was guided by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and was hosted by CVEA in cooperation with CVEA Shandong branch, Rizhao Party committee and municipal government, as well as Rizhao Navigation Engineering Vocational College.

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