Senior Chinese lawmaker urges improved atomic energy legislation

Xinhua Updated: 2024-06-06

BEIJING -- Zhang Qingwei, vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), has urged dedicated efforts to elevate the quality of legislation on atomic energy.

Zhang led a research team in the past two days, visiting several institutes and agencies in Beijing, including Tsinghua University and the China Institute of Atomic Energy. The team received suggestions concerning the legislation on atomic energy.

Zhang called for efforts to understand the atomic energy development pattern accurately, coordinate development and security in an improved manner, and provide a solid legal guarantee to advance the modernization of nuclear energy management.

Chinese lawmakers began deliberating a draft atomic energy law at an NPC Standing Committee session in April.

Comprising eight chapters and 53 articles, the draft law clarifies the principles and requirements for the peaceful development and utilization of atomic energy. It also makes stipulations on the promotion of the R&D and utilization of atomic energy, the strengthening of safety oversight and management, and the improvement of international cooperation. 

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