NPC deputy passionate about enhancing rural education

Updated: 2022-08-24

As a deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC) since 2018, Dong Caiyun, from Linxia Hui autonomous prefecture in Northwest China's Gansu province, has been committed to enhancing education as a vital way to advance the vitalization of the countryside.

For this endeavor, she has put forward more than 30 suggestions, including training of talents and teachers and the "targeted admission" scheme – a way to enroll students from less-developed regions with a predetermined employment arrangement.

Over the years, she has visited almost all rural primary schools in the prefecture and taken note of all kinds of problems affecting education quality. The most prevalent issues highlighted in her notebook include a shortage of teachers, less competent teachers, and inadequate training for teachers. She was also particularly worried about unstable and aging teaching staff at some rural schools.

Based on extensive research, Dong suggested at the fifth session of the 13th NPC to initiate a "pairing assistance" program, so that regions with strong educational resources can provide support to Linxia, through running schools cooperatively and offering training opportunities.

She is proud that the prefecture's education undertakings have made great strides because of the strong policy and funding support. The education gap between rural and urban areas is narrowing and rural teachers' salaries are increasing.

"A few years ago, no student wanted to answer questions in class, but now they are confident and ready to talk," said Dong after a recent visit to a primary school in Bulenggou village, Dongxiang autonomous county.

Dong said that she will continue her efforts to promote education in rural areas, including enhancing teachers' skills and addressing managerial issues, because she truly believes rural vitalization would be an impossible mission without progress in education.

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