Chongqing municipal legislature acts to support national anti-espionage law Updated: 2023-09-04

Chongqing enacted China's first local version of the national anti-espionage law, which took effect on July 1 after being amended, the Ministry of State Security announced.

Recently, the Standing Committee of the Chongqing Municipal People's Congress reviewed and approved the regulations for Chongqing, to take effect on Friday.

This first supporting local legislation of the new espionage act is "simple, fast and effective", the ministry said in a post on its official WeChat account.

The Chongqing regulation consists of 29 articles focusing on cohesion and refinement of the national law.

"It is a vivid legislative practice of building a scientific, complete, three-dimensional and efficient anti-espionage legal system in China," the ministry said.

"In order to adapt to the implementation of the overall national security concept and the practical needs in the anti-espionage battle given new situations, the regulations firmly focus on job responsibilities and prevention of espionage , according to the specific situation of Chongqing," said Tan Zongze, dean of School of Administrative Law and School of Discipline Inspection and Supervision at Southwest University of Political Science and Law in Chongqing, in an article in Chongqing Daily on Friday.

It enriches and supplements the reporting obligations of foreign-related affairs, the construction project safety review system, and rules covering education and punishment for related illegal acts.

It implements anti-espionage work with specific and clear legal provisions, he added.

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